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Alan Kenyon - Phone Quiz Quizmaster

Alan Kenyon - Quiz Party Smartphone Quizmaster from Manchester's Unit One Entertainment

Alan is a highly charge quizmaster, keen to share how exiting Smartphone Quizzes are. His quiz compere skills are second to none and he has a quick, sharp and witty line in patter when presenting it. Alan is a fully trained Smartphone professional and an expert at all forms of quizzes, knowing what to put together to make a great and enjoyable quiz night.

With Alan or "AK" as he likes to be known, you will get a good blend of questions and teasers mixed in with a wicked sense of humour, keep the mood of the evening light-hearted and not to serious, but ruling with a rod of iron when it boils down to the nitty-gritty tie-break questions. Alan has worked presenting quizzes for a number years offering your conventional type of quiz but has now discovered this new ground breaking way of injecting life and laughs into the night. In a total contrast to a traditional old fashioned, boring and mundane pen and paper quiz.

Alan presents at - The Boat & Horses.



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