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Darren Goulden - Phone Quiz Quizmaster

Darren Goulden - Quiz Party Smartphone Quizmaster from Manchester's Unit One Entertainment

Darren is well versed and proficient quizmaster, who presents he version of the Phone Quiz Smartphone Quiz with his unmistakable, lively line of patter. He is as excited about doing the quiz as the quiz teams he presents to. Darren feeds of the back-chat and banter he generates while presenting to no simply ask questions but to deliver an entertaining performance. He is totally at home doing a Smartphone quiz and it's a feeling that he passes on the everyone taking part in one too.

He will guide and coax any newcomer into taking part, reassuring them along the way as to how easy and how much fun it is to play. He's a fun loving cheeky chappy and it comes across in the way he presents.

He has hosted quizzes for a number of different breweries and their respective chains of public houses and has a clear and concise understanding of what is needed to keep teams coming back week after week.

Darren presents at - The Moss Trooper - The Rose Of Lancaster - The Kings Ransom.



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