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Jonny Spangles - Function Disc Jockey from Manchester's Unit One EntertainmentPhone Quiz is an exclusive and dedicated arm of Unit One Entertainment. We have taken some of the best regular Unit One Quizmasters and upgraded them, equipped them and trained them to host and present UK newest, brightest and best  Smartphone Quizzes. We have a team of the next generation of 21st century Quizmasters all trained up now ready to go, kitted out with their own specialised self-contained equipment ready to bring our Smartphone Quiz Night experience to your venue.

We offer the only quiz platform in the country that is impossible to cheat on, the only one that is truly, fully and instantly interactive. It has the ability to deliver many, if not all aspects of your traditional paper and pen quiz whilst at the same time introducing other rounds and features that up until now were unthinkable on an old fashioned quiz.

As quizmasters we have been producing and hosting quiz nights now for over twenty years and have covered every aspect, style and type of quiz going. With all this experience has come the ability to judge and refine what is generally required and wanted by many different types of establishments and in many different environments.

Dave Bradley - Smartphone Quizmaster from Manchester's Unit One EntertainmentWe are very excited about our Smartphone Quiz and if it proves as popular as we think it will, very soon the whole country will be dipping their toe in the water on it and could take off in a big way.

We are one of the few quiz companies in the country that are taking quizzing into the 21st century with the new Smartphone Quiz. Using current Wi-Fi technology and specially developed quiz software we can now offer a completely new style of quiz, a quiz without paper or pens, a quiz where all the scoring is done for you, and provides it's own jingles and sound effects as it goes. This is a type of quiz created in a format normally only ever seen on TV. The technology is nowadays very portable and easy to use and adapting it to be used in the environments of venues such as pubs, club and hotels was the next obvious step. It works on a private Wi-Fi network that enables us to bring together currently up to thirty two teams at one time, with each of them using nothing more than their mobile phones.

We believe in this new type of quiz so much we have adapted all of our existing quiz concepts and material to suit and work with the Smartphone Quiz. Any new and tailor made quizzes we produce will be made available in the Smartphone format,

As experienced professional Phone Quiz people we are available to totally transform your current quiz nights into a more successful, profitable and generally all over more exciting night. We can take your present quiz night and make it work by introducing simple tried and tested quiz material and methods. Introducing familiar and fun quiz topics and themes adapted from popular board games and television programmes. We can reinvigorate what might be a slow, boring, anorak driven quiz night into something that has a far greater appeal to everyone, while holding on to the mantra that we hold dear that quiz nights are about everyone "having a fun time".

If required we can examine the material that you are currently using and show you how we can incorporate your favourite aspects of that quiz into what we at Phone Quiz can provide for you. We can generate quiz nights that are aimed at particular audiences and can style and tailor the quiz material to suit. If you have one particular team that seams to win week after week, we can put things in place that avoid this happening too often. We can structure your quiz night in such a way that week after week different teams fairly get a chance of winning.

Wherever possible we design quiz products, materials and ideas that generate a low or even zero carbon footprint, making whatever we can completely recyclable or eco-friendly. To our knowledge no other company in the UK does or can supply a similar kind of quiz with these credentials. Our products therefore don't generate huge amounts of waste at the end of the night for you to clear up and dispose of.

There are many venues where Phone Quiz formats have been used. They range from pubs, large hotel chains, blue chip companies, restaurants and holiday UK seaside resorts. We like to think of those people and organisations as members as they use tried and tested formula time and again.

Some of the companies are:-

The Village Hotels Group

J.W. Lees Brewery

Beefeater Restaurants

Hydes Brewery

Sporting Lodge Inns

C.W.S. Instrumentation

Bagnol Caravan Park

The Black Bull Hotel

and many more...


Receiving an another award from directors of Unit One Entertainment, Steve Sale & Jonny Spangles

Unit One Awards Night

Here seen receiving another award fro the directors of Unit One Entertainment at the 2009 awards night.

I have worked for a number of celebrities over the years and here you seem me with Jenny Frost from Atomic Kitten whilst performing at her sisters wedding.

Celebrity Functions

We have worked for a number of celebrities over the years providing corporate quiz packages and hosting team building quiz events - Jenny Frost from Atomic Kitten.

Receiving an special gift of thanks from director of Unit One Entertainment Jonny Spangles

A Gift Of Thanks

T.Q.P. received a special gift of thanks from Unit One Entertainment director Jonny Spangles at the 2008 awards night.