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The Smartphone - Quiz

The Smartphone Quiz is a totally unique software package devised by our good friends over at Speed Quizzing. It is without doubt the only pub quiz of it's type and also without doubt impossible to cheat on.

You don't have to be a geek, nerd, internet savvy or technically minded in any way to play the quiz, just be able to tap a button.

As it relies on all your quiz teams logging onto a private Wi-Fi network that isn't connected to the internet, this is done though a specially configured router, that the Speed Quizzing software is designed to work with.

The name of this private network may vary from presenter to presenter, depending on what name they have assigned to it. It could be something like "Dave's Quiz Night", but either way it would be clearly identifiable as that venue / quizmasters Wi-Fi network.

Each presenter will be on hand and more than capable to help the uninitiated get hooked up and running especially if your not at all IT savvy. 

By logging on to the private Wi-Fi network it renders services like Google, Bing and other popular search engines useless and down right unavailable. This combined with the need to answer each question, teaser, image or puzzle within an allotted time limit, makes it, as we have said, impossible to cheat on.

Each team has sent to their phone one of four different types of answer pads, simple buzzer, alphabet, numeric or multiple choice. These answer pads can then be used to answer a whole host of questions or image based teasers. In the standard set-up, every correct answer carries a set amount of points depending which round you are in and on what level of you points you may choose to award. There are also bonus points available for the fastest answer and in the case of the music round a sliding scale point system for the first, second, third and forth fastest answers.

. can be made up of numerous rounds and each can be swapped around, added or or taken out as deemed necessary. You can choose the type or style of questions to suit either the younger or older age group or both. If your running short of time you are not committed to asking a certain amount of questions, you can finish a round or even the whole quiz at any point without having to change anything. This enables to to fit a Smartphone Quiz into any allotted time slot or period.

Below is a breakdown of the types of round available, these may vary from presenter to presenter, if you have any specific requirements, please ask when booking.

Everyone is familiar with General Knowledge questions and 60 in three rounds of 20 of them come as standard.

By pre-arranged request, in-between rounds can be slotted one, two or three of the following options :-

An 12 track rotating Music Round - "fastest finger" style with bonus points.

A selection of Spot The Ball pictures - "multiple choice" style with bonus points.

A selection of Catchphrases / Dingbats - "buzz in" style.

A selection of Celebrity Pictures - "buzz in" style.

A selection of Close Up Images - "buzz in" style.

New rounds are being devised constantly and will be added from time to time. these would generally be released on a rotation basis to keep each Smartphone Quiz fresh.