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Smartphone - Quiz Rounds

The Smartphone Quiz can be made up of numerous rounds and each can be swapped around, added or or taken out as deemed necessary. You can choose the type or style of questions to suit either the younger or older age group or both. If your running short of time you are not committed to asking a certain amount of questions, you can finish a round or even the whole quiz at any point without having to change anything. This enables to to fit a Smartphone Quiz into any allotted time slot or period.

Below is a breakdown of the types of round available, these may vary from presenter to presenter, if you have any specific requirements, please ask when booking.

Everyone is familiar with General Knowledge questions and 60 in three rounds of 20 of them come as standard.

A typical Phone Quiz night could consist of:-

An 12 track rotating Music Round - "fastest finger" style.

6 x Nearest Wins Questions - "1 after each round "number & fastest finger style".

10 x Celebrity / Themed Pictures - "keypad letters" style.

20 x General Knowledge Questions with Images - "buzz in" style.

2 x 20 General Knowledge Questions with Images - "keypad, number & multiple choice" style.

New and themed rounds are being devised constantly and will be added from time to time. these would generally be released on a rotation basis to keep each Smartphone Quiz fresh.